Himalaya is the major source of fresh water and for that it is known as ‘Water Tower of Asia’. Most of the rivers of North India and North Eastern India were originated from Himalayas including Ganges, Brahmaputra, Tiara, Torsa, Jaldhaka and many more. The forest ecosystem is the main source of water reserve in these mountains and from these drops of waters it creates different waterfalls in various regions of Himalayas and some of the waterfalls are popular and many of them are not even known. These are the major water resources and lifeline of the people of the mountain. A traveler can explore such many waterfalls in this region and can enjoy the undisturbed natural environment.

Few popular waterfalls are as follows:


Ban Jhakri Falls, Gangtok, Mainebass Falls, Uttarey, Rimbi Falls, Pelling, Kanchenjunga Falls, Pelling, Phamrong Falls

West Bengal (Darjeeling Himalayan Region)

Paglajhora waterfalls, Kurseong, Changey Waterfalls, Lava, Rainbow Waterfalls, Kalej Valley Tea Garden, Rocky Island, Samsing


Elephant Waterfalls, Shillong, Nohkalikai Waterfalls, Cherrapunjee, Dainthlen Waterfalls, Cherrapunjee, Kynrem Waterfalls, Cherrapunjee, Seven Sister Waterfalls, Cherrapunjee

The above mentioned waterfalls are very popular in this Eastern and North Eastern part of Himalaya and apart from that many popular and lesser known waterfalls are there which will be a great area of interest for a traveler.