Ramdhura: Ramdhura is situated at an altitude of 5,000 ft from sea level and under the Kalimpong subdivision. The view of the Himalayan mountain ranges from Ramdhura is spectacular and it is surrounded by pine forests along with many other plant vegetation. From the Ramdhura sunrise of Mt. Kanchenjunga is very popular and one can experience this region with bird watching, visiting the nearby places like Tinchuley, Takda, Cinchona plantation at Mongpu, etc. It is an ideal place to stay with nature and one can explore the beauty of the Himalayas on his own from this silent less polluted Himalayan village. The popular sightseeings from Ramdhura are Tinchuley, Silarigaon, Pedong, Algara, Icche Gaon, etc. There are many homestays that are very popular for their hospitality and one can experience the region with the stay inside the home of the local community which is a different lifetime experience for a traveler.