Kalimpong is the cultural epicenter of Darjeeling Himalayan region with its colorful history. It was under the kingdom of Sikkim and Bhutan till the middle of 19th Century during British India. During the rule of the Sikkimese kingdom the place was known as ‘ Dalingkot’. In 1706 after the establishment of rules of the Bhutan kingdom they renamed the place Kalimpong. The major population of Kalimpong are Bhutias, Lepchas, Nepalis and Kirati people. Kalimpong is well known for its well-established boarding schools, plant nurseries and its rich natural beauties. Most of the schools of Kalimpong has its own history and specially Dr. Graham’s Homes is one of the very prestigious schools of the region.

From Kalimpong one can visit many remote offbeat beautiful tourism sites like Lava, Loleygaon, Mongpu, Samtahar, and many more. It is the paradise for the birdwatchers and those who want to explore plants including orchids. There are various plant nurseries which is famous for orchids. It is also a heaven for the adventure lovers because of the availability of paragliding at Dello Hills, whitewater river rafting at river Tista near to Kalimpong, and cycling, trekking etc. many activities. Rare Himalaya can provide very different experiences based on Kalimpong like small soft treks in different offbeat locations, bird watching, plantation tour, visit cinchona plantations, etc. which have beautiful stories and can be a rare experience for a Himalayan Traveller.