Eastern Himalaya is a place enriched with different ethnic communities and they have rich folklore. Promotion of Himalayan folklore is a part of experiential travel which is lesser known towards the travelers. It includes folk dance, folk music, folk theatre, folk fairs and festivals, religions, customs, folk medicines, and many other things such as folk tales, ballads, narratives etc. Each of these folk materials can be a very unique tourism product for travelers. We are promoting various folklore materials in different places of the Himalayas in order to involve local communities in the tourism activity which will be a part of responsible travel. This new form of tourism can be classified as ‘Folk Tourism’.

Experience can be started from the very beginning of the travel with the stay in a homestay which is built as per the traditional folk architecture, taking a folk food in a particular place of the Himalaya and listening a story which is a folk tale based on orchids.

There are many such unique folk materials which can be an extraordinary pleasure to be added.
Lifetime experience for a traveler as well as booking of such experiential holiday will encourage local communities to conserve their rich folklore.