Group travel is formed with a group of those people who have a common interest on travel. A group can be formed within the families or a group of friends can also formed a group. Travel with a group is an old concept in India as well as all over the world. Starting from pre independence era of India till 1980s travel with a group was a popular phenomenon and majorly it was for the reason of pilgrimage tour. After the globalization, the socio-economic scenario of the globe was changed since 1990s and a different concept of group travel was created. This is including travel with friends, nuclear families, birdwatchers, students groups and many special interests groups.

In Eastern Himalayan region there are many places which can be an ideal destinations for a group travel or a travel with friends.

Few suggested places of Eastern Himalayas are as follows:

There are many other places in this region which is lesser known to the travellers.