Butterfly watching is also a part of wildlife tourism. The different colours of butterfly is always a point of attraction towards the wildlife lovers. One can observe life cycles of various species of butterflies in this Eastern Himalayan region. Like other wildlife, some of the species of butterflies are also endangered and are facing problems for their survival due to climate change and several other reasons.

In Eastern Himalaya there are many places where different species of butterflies are available.

Features of Butterfly Walk:

  • We can organise a butterfly walk as part of the holiday programme.
  • Butterfly walk will be guided by a local naturalist.
  • Butterfly walk can be a day excursion from a particular area of Eastern Himalaya or it can be organised in different places in different day visit programme basis.
  • By booking a such type of special interest travel, you will motivate or encourage the local community for the conservation of butterflies in that particular region.

Some listed available species of butterflies are as follows:

Crimson Rose

Pachliopta Hector

Blue-Striped Mime

Papilio Slateri

Common Yellow Swallowtail

Papilio Machaon

Tree Yellow

Gandaca Harina

Common Birdwing

Troides Helena

Common Mime

Papilio Clytia

Veined Jay

Graphinam Chirnoides

Three-Spot Grass Yellow

Eurema Blanda

Common Batwing

Atrophaneura Varuna


Papilio Protenor

Yellow Gorgon

Meandrusa Payeni

Tawny Mime

Papilio Agestor

Red Helen

Papilio Helenus

Common Red Apollo

Parnassius Epaphus

In all these travel, it will be an rare experience for a traveler.