The Rare Himalayas was created for the promotion of the RARE travel experiences of Himalayas and along with its conservation of natural as well as cultural aspects and the development of the local host community in a sustainable manner. Eastern and North Eastern Himalaya is one of the store houses of the natural heritage, cultural heritages, wildlife, and many other cultural and natural things. It is one of the biodiversity hotspots of India with its immense potentiality of various kinds of tourism attractions.

The objective of creation of Rare Himalayas is to promote the different experiences of the region which is rare and very less explored. In the context of climate change, busy urban lifestyle Rare Himalayas will provide an experience out of all and will provide a meaningful experience of travel which also can help the host community for their livelihood upliftment through the sustainable tourism practice.

Rare Himalayas wish to unfold the beauty of Himalayas in many ways along with the concept of conservation of natural and cultural traditions including the unexplored folklore of Himalayas towards the traveller’s market. Tourism can change a place to a destination through its positive wives with the concept of community development.